Music and Lyrics: Adrian Benegas
Arrangements: Tragul

Now I see the ashes,
There's nothing left to say right now
Not understanding,
How much we've hurt ourselves


I feel so sorry,
I've got a hole inside my chest
Now realizing,
That it's time for me to fly!


My heart cries,

Like it never did before
These last words are for you (Only for you)
Hope one day,
We will find us again,
Now it's time to walk home... (Back to home)


Now the wounds are healing,
The scars, the lies, our blindness
Now realizing,
It felt so cold inside


I feel so sorry,
We'd lost ourselves into our pride
Now realizing,
How much I loved you, dear of mine!


My heart cries,
Is this our last goodbye?
Look how far we have come...
Hope one day,
We will find us again,
It's time to turn and go... (Back to home)



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