Music and Lyrics: Adrian Benegas
Arrangements: Tragul

Ghastly frames
with crimson colours
Frightful shades,
and a wicked voice

The red pale ghost
lurks in the darkness
And the clocks are
ticking backwards


In the Hall of Mors
Lies a hidden truth
I've found my soul
Consumed by its curse
Seven candles
Of dark-blazing fire
Burning my soul
In the Hall of Mors


The seven eyes
Inside the Mirror
The lights are dim
So hostile in here


I'm caught in this endless nightmare
My haunted mind is lost,
The voice inside my head won't
Leave me alone...!

It's getting hard to breathe here
I can't believe, I'm lost
The shame fills my heart, slowly
I am the ghost,
I have been searching for...



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